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2008-08-18 13:07:16 by thescorpionmaster

I'm sick of people picking on me............YES!!!! I'm 12 But who care's? really? i Can take newgrounds so i'm just saying back off :(


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2008-08-18 13:29:03

Is that you in your picture that scared the hell out of me!

so what you can't take it i went when i was 12 i nearly shit my pants,


thescorpionmaster responds:

Please :)


2008-08-18 13:33:35

Were you constipated or something when you took that picture?

thescorpionmaster responds:

Yeah :)


2008-08-18 15:27:08

ok.. but as a suggestion.. you should definitely change your profile pic.

thescorpionmaster responds:



2008-08-18 16:15:16

Do you normally keep your shit off?

thescorpionmaster responds:

some times i ware my strut costume


2008-08-18 17:46:38

Oh well. Looks like nobody likes the fat 12 year old fucker. Try not to post ugly pics of you half naked, spell correctly, try not to act tough, you cant take a shot to the arm you pussy, and stop thinking your sext and people like you.

PS. Your reverse phgolagy is not working. Just because people are being mean and your responding nice is not workeing retarded. So stop trying to be funny you stupid retarded mother fucker. GTFO of NG's or get banned you fat ugly pice of shit. I have takin shits hotter then you. Go fuck a pig you cock sucker

thescorpionmaster responds:

i cud beet u in a fight.


2008-08-19 19:15:15

Cock sucker


2008-09-01 03:55:40

Pice of fucking fat shit. Dick licker. You cant beat people up for jack shit.


2008-09-08 19:33:42

Obvious troll is....Well, actually, not very obvious, I'm the only one who notices.


2008-10-19 16:33:23

Your such a fag. no-one likes you. At all. How about you go fucking die?


2008-10-25 13:27:35

Your profile pic is awesome


2009-03-13 16:36:04

Why back off?...... Ahhh screw it!